International Chic with a Monégasque Touch.

Established in 2010, by its Founder and current Editor-in-Chief; Mike Angangan thought to establish an international luxury, living and lifestyle magazine that was simple in its design, detailed in its content and structured through its advanced approach to digital publishing. 

A key part of the publication is that it places itself far from any traditional magazine; especially in terms of it's overall design, editorial manufacturing and customer focus. It's interactive features that enhances the platform that both our advertisers and contributors provide us include; content sharing via social media, having the ability to contact clients via direct email as well as purchasing good & services online directly without leaving the magazine; which offers the advertisers a direct customer experience. 

Hence, that's why - Polo De'Marco Magazine, the newest luxury publication outlays via the world's largest distribution networks including Apple News Stand and Google Play which are downloadable for iPads, iPhones, portable Android devices and other tablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and effective in late July 2013 both customers and advertisers are able to download a copy of the magazine via the latest devices at Blackberry World. 


In each and every edition of Polo De'Marco Magazine comes with a large variation of editorial features and specially branded sub-sections that offers a unique vantage point for readers from industry experts to contributing writers. Amongst, the storyline of the publication comes little sub-sections which include; Art, culture, design, motoring and refined luxury; however more importantly we feature leading businessmen & women from various industries and talk about the issues facing them as industry leaders and how it affects us all. 


In this sub-section of the magazine - we focus on the finer things in life including features on luxury yachts, corporate and private jets, as well as both four wheeled and two wheeled motoring vehicles. However, with every sensibility comes with indulgence - hence, we have educated our readers with vital information on fine wines, sparkling champagne and 100 year-old cognac's which pair with the likes of a Cuban cigar. 


In this section of the magazine, we call it our favourite. Because each restaurant, hotel and bar review that we do - we try to ensure not only is it tried and tested, but exceeds our expectations in terms of presentation, service, pricing and overall experience from beginning to end.